Mike’s Community Cup began with three specific goals: make great coffee, provide superior customer service and give back to the community. As a certified coffee master for a large corporate coffee company, I was trained to be able to pick out taste characteristics of several coffee-growing regions of the world. I use this expertise to teach tasting classes to our new employees, so they recognize how to pick out the subtle taste of different coffee.

Before opening Mike’s we searched for a true Italiano espresso. After tasting numerous brands of small and large roasters, we chose Caffee Umbria, a family-owned wholesale coffee roaster. The rich, sweet crema of their Gusto Crema blend works well with milk for lattes or Americanos, but I prefer the taste of the espresso by itself as a shot.

While our customers are truly what make us who we are, we know we would not be able to keep them around by serving less than fantastic coffee. Customers at Mike’s can expect a warm smile, pleasant greeting and an atmosphere that feels like home. Having been in the customer service industry for way more years than I will admit to, I have held customer service seminars and training classes for executives of major corporations. Our customer service standards are not meant to meet your expectations; they are meant to exceed them.

What does community mean to us? Well, we did put it in our name. Growing up in a single-parent home, the community around us became me and my brother’s playground. Sports programs, community center activities and school kept us very busy kids. It saddens me to see that many children do not have the chance to enjoy these things as families often have a hard time fitting these in their budgets. To fill our place in the community and make an impact, we wanted to make these things possible for the kids. So far, we have sponsored baseball and soccer teams, donated to local high school athletic programs, set up school supply drives for local elementary schools and supplied hot chocolate and coffee for school events. We try to give children a chance at success.

About Mike's Community Cup