Mike's Community Cup


SeaTac’s Best Coffee Shop
The perfect place to sit and relax while waiting for a flight to arrive, or enjoy a gourmet coffee before departure. Meet your friends here, or study for school. We feature Alki Bakery Pastries and Caffe Umbria coffee. Located 5 minutes West of SeaTac airport at 16260 Military Road.

In The Community

We have been busy doing great things for our local community.If you have a community project in mind, we would love to hear from you. Give us a ring or stop by!

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri
5:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.

Sat – Sun
6:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.

Our History

We have been giving customers their daily dose of caffeine since 2008. We are a family-owned coffee shop that serves up joy in the SeaTac, Washington community.

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”

― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Shop Our Coffee!

We serve delicious Alki Bakery Pastries and a variety off Caffe Umbria coffees.


Medium Roast – Classic Italian Espresso

The perfect espresso blend producing a thick golden crema and a rich, distinctly Italian flavor profile. The blending of Brazilian and Central American beans gives this coffee a fragrant aroma and sweet finish. Also excellent as a mild to medium bodied brewed coffee.


Medium Roast – 100% Certified Organic

This blend features a delicate, chocolaty flavor with deep, earthy undertones. Organic beans from Indonesia and South America are roasted to a medium intensity producing a smooth and silky finish. This blend is suitable for espresso and drip coffee.


Medium Dark Roast – Signature Blend

This signature blend is a celebration of our Italian blending expertise. Beans from Africa and Central America create the complexity of this elegant and versatile blend, perfect as an espresso and for milk based drinks. Also recommended as an all-day brewed coffee with its rich complexity and lingering finish.


Dark Roast – Heritage Blend

Our boldest blend offers a supple, full-flavored fusion of the finest coffees from South and Central America. Roasted darker to caramelize the flavors and impart a rich, natural sweetness. Named for the famous arched entry to the Umbrian town of Perugia, Arco Etrusco is roasted specifically for drip coffee preparation, but is also great in a French press.


Medium Dark Roast – Decaffeinated

This classic blending of fine Colombian and Costa Rican beans delivers full flavor with a touch of citrus. An authentic Italian coffee without the caffeine and great any time of the day. This coffee is versatile as both a flavorful espresso and drip coffee.